Changing the Transponder (FOB) Battery - Pictorial

Changing the Transponder (FOB) Battery - Pictorial

The dreaded transponder low battery warning

Buy replacement battery - CR2025

Required Tools - Nothing fancy - I just used the flat blade screw driver from my pocket tool


Transponder (FOB)

Slot to open transponder (FOB) located at one end

Flat blade screw driver in slot and twist to open - Ensure screw driver fits and is not to small

Transponder (FOB) opened

Transponder (FOB) with old battery

Removing the old battery - use a flat screw driver with a small blade for this task

Battery removed

New battery fitted - Old battery along side

Transponder (FOB) back together

Test functionality on GTR

All done - 12 minutes which included going into the garage twice for photos,
Pulling the FOB apart, taking photos step by step, getting the photos off the camera and
uploading them, then writing this pictorial.

Not hard and does not take long.
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