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This page is to point out the differences in the wiki, compared to the regular forum. Because this wiki has much in common with the forum, it should be easy for members to learn how to use it. The biggest difference between a wiki and a forum is that anybody can, and should edit the wiki page. However, to prevent damage from spammers, this has been restricted to members with a post count greater than ten.

Instead of a thread with various information scattered throughout any number of replies, the first post in a wiki should be updated to provide the latest information. Where information is not complete, or under discussion, a link to a discussion page can be provided. Discussion pages should also be edited, so that discussion is grouped appropriately on a minimum number of pages.

For example, a page about tires might have a discussion page about Avon tires. Do not add another discussion page to reply to the discussion page about Avon tires. Instead edit the Avon discussion page to add your comment. If you wish to discuss Metzler tires, then do not add your comments to a discussion page titled 'Avon'. In this case, you should add a new discussion page. Be sure and add a link to the new discussion page where appropriate in the text of the parent page, so readers will know that some information is under discussion.  Here is an example: -->Discussion: A convention for linking to discussion pages

When creating or editing a discussion page it would be a good idea to sign your edit, just add your name after your comment.

The 'Quote' button will create a new discussion page. If you meant to add a quote to an existing discussion page, you can simply copy the quote, then paste to the discussion page. Or, instead of using the quote button, edit the discussion page and there will be an option to insert a quote from any previous page.

When adding photos to an article, please create a new discussion page and upload up to four images as attachments. if you need more then four images as many new discussion pages as needed. Images should be no larger 800x600. Once you have created the discussion pages and uploaded the image, view the image (right click > 'View Image') and copy the url to the article, using the img tags to display the image where you want it. For an example see Remove and Replace the Waterpump.
We should have a standard format for the link from a page to a discussion page. I suggest like this:
Code: [Select]
[i][size=10pt]-->Discussion: [url=,29696.msg131332.html#msg131332]A convention for linking to discussion pages[/url][/size][/i]The smaller font size and italics will call attention to the fact that it is a link to a discussion page. And it will differentiate it from other links.  ---WillyP

Or maybe not, when following a link it goes back to the first tab. I'll have to see what I can do about that. ---WillyP

In chrome the <code> text is shown in a very thin box. So can't be read on my screen. It is ok on Firefox. --ColinP
  |--> Strange, I will look into that. Safari is same, too. I'll make a new page for issues, as there are some others I noticed too.

At the moment, links to discussion pages don't display the discussion page, but go to the page the discussion page is on, including the page the discussion page is related to. Ideally it would display a single discussion page but right now I don't know how or if it is even possible. As a temporary workaround, we should make sure to specify a unique title for every discussion page when creating a discussion page, and list the title of the discussion page with the link to it.
A picture is worth a thousand words; and especially useful for tech pages, product reviews, etc. I assume that since the wiki is a mod extension of SMF, the options to display a photo would be the same: insert a link to a stored image, or attach an image to the post. I see two potential issues...

Images/Photos stored outside the realm of the COG web servers can be lost and not appear in the wiki post if something happens to the original image or path to the image.

Attaching images places them at the bottom of the post, and not within where it augments the text.

Added text about adding images. --WillyP
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