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Re: Accessory outlet, charging a cell phone…
« Reply #25 on: November 27, 2016, 03:36:46 pm »
a quintuple negative?  RG was one of the better exports we had from Canada to the south.  Sort of makes up for The Tool Man (now Last Man Standing?) Taylor?

agree to disagree.


Yep, and if you can do the math on all dem deer negatives well...I'd sure like to know what I said!

RG was fun...essentially Dad Jokes made into a show. Toolman was a different kind of humor...still Dad Joke though, just different. Is Last Man Standing still on? I've only recently discovered's alright, not something I'd look for. But as a someone with fairly "middle America"  values I can appreciate the show - it's not just teen drama, who's-screwing-who, emotionally-stunted-superhero, love-saved-the-attack-helicopter-gendered-vampire crap.

Oops, sorry, was I ranting just now?

Back to the topic at hand - Any updates on the charging problem? Solution? Discovery of a failure w/wall/12v adapters? Curios (and bored) lurkers wanna know!