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Chase Harper - Customer Service
« on: September 21, 2010, 05:40:00 pm »
I purchased a set of CH soft saddlebags and the 1150 Tank bag in 1988 - prior to taking a trip from Norfolk Va to Galveston Tx (home) on my first bike - 82 Suzuki GS650G.  I was in and out of riding over the next 20 some-odd years - mostly out but I held onto the CH bags.  This year got back into riding in a big way through purchase of Connie.  Dug out the CH bags - sometimes I use the saddle bags as bag liners for the Connies hard sides but I couldnt find the tie down straps for the tank bag. Went on CH site several times - found the staps but not the male buckles that attach to the straps and mate with the female ends on the bag.     Finally sent CH email asking about the buckles.  Next day get a call from Debbie at CH and after discussing issue she said they no longer offer those buckles but that she would check with warehouse to see if they had any left over. If she couldnt find any I could send in bag to have new buckles installed. She came back and said they had located a few - well I ordered new straps and buckles at a reasonable 30 bucks including shipping, but very impressed with thier customer service. Already impresseed with the bags as they have stood up well to long-term storage at extreme temperatures and still in excellent shape.   C K Roach Jr  IBA#42837  COG#9094  CDA# 0319  you cant lose what you never had  2005 Concour "Gold Rush"  1983 Suzuki GS750ES - Project  1983 Suzuki GL850 - Sold  1982 Suzuki GS650G - Sold
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Re: Chase Harper - Customer Service
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2010, 06:33:10 pm »

I wanted to clarify a few things before I bought my CH bag a few years ago....called and got Ron Harper himself (the 'H' in C-H) on the line. He was incredibly helpful and took all the time I needed to ensure that all my questions were answered.

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Re: Chase Harper - Customer Service
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2010, 06:47:29 pm »
That's great to know. I have two Chase Harper bags and really like them both. The quality is the nicest that I had on many tank bags over the years!