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costco gps sale
« on: November 15, 2008, 01:20:00 pm »
  got an e-mail add from costco yesterday showing a Gamin 700 for $199.  No it's not waterproof nor recomended for motorcycles, but a whale of a good unit for the cage or in a tank bag or other waterproof possition.  Got a 600 last year and used it on the bike for a short time with a zipplock bag to protect it from the weather.  Worked good until the wife discoverd how usefull it was and comandeered it for her car.  Nice features like mp3/sd card, and audio book palyer. It interupts the audio to give directions and then resumes where it left off in the song or story.  Nice.  The costco site is frustratingly slow for some reason though.    1990 Aint she a pretty Tomato (the bike ofcourse)  wedshots albums
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