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Re: Electronic Fuel Cut Off
« Reply #50 on: August 24, 2015, 11:11:26 pm »
I won't deny that some people have had issues with fuel flow, because I rode with Krumgrinder once when we were stopping every 15-20 minutes on the highway to wait for his bowls to refill.  But, he had all kinds of crap on his fuel line, an electric shut off, a filter, and a quick disconnect and he had it looped under the carbs and back up.  But, I can't see how the math supports a more direct fuel line creating a fuel starvation issue.  I have always run a NAPA 90 degree filter and added a manual brass "lawnmower" shut off 2 years ago and route the line in the stock position.  I am not shy on the throttle and ride highway speeds regularly and have never had a fuel starvation issue.

Maybe I'm missing something, and I'm sure you guys won't be shy about pointing it out if I am, but:

Taking Smithr1's worst case number of 440 seconds to flow 1 gallon, let's bump it up to 480 seconds to make the math easier and the flow rate even less.  That's 1 gallon every 8 minutes.  If you're doing 80 mph on the highway getting 40 mpg, that's 1 gallon every 30 minutes.  You are flowing more than 3 1/2 times more fuel than you are using.  Let's say you're riding like a banshee and getting 20 mpg, averaging 80 mph (I'd like to meet the guy who can maintain that on a C10 for any length of time), now you are using 1 gallon every 15 minutes, still flowing almost 2 times what you are using.  The only thing I think Smithr1's test may not have considered, is that the fuel rail is horizontal, but I can't believe that would slow down flow enough to cause starvation.


I have done it more than once.  The speed limit on I-10 is 80mph and I have run that a number of times going out to Big Bend.  The last time I did it my mileage was 24, but I was bucking a headwind.
Bill, you need to come to Texas. I have run from Houston to San Antonio and back several times, 210 miles one way. My average speed is around 90 for 2 1/2 hours.I get about 32mpg at that speed. I get 38 at 80. Wind does not seem to bother me much.
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