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Help with Carbs??? or something
« on: July 13, 2010, 02:55:00 pm »
Doesn't run well. History: 2001 with 35K, gas leaks, hydrolock, broken connecting rod, used engine from an '03 with 16K off e-bay installed after adjusting valves, cleaned carbs and put in new needle valves,  and didn't run well. It starts and runs on all 4 and runs pretty well until warmed up.  Then idle drops and it won't rev unless you open the trhottle when it is above 3K.  Then it snaps right up to red line.  If you open the throttle at idle id just dies immediately.  Then I removed the carbs and cleaned them (again) and tested the floats on the bench before installing in the bike.  When in the bike (a day later) I turned on the fuel and gas ran everywhere like coming out of a garden hose.  Filled the cylinders and air box immediatley.  I removed the carbs again and tested the floats on the bench again and all was well.  Put them back in the bike and no leak.  But it still starts and runs well when cold, but not when hot.  Seems rich.  raw gas  inside the intake boots.  Compression tests at about 110 to 120 in all 4 which seems low, but my compression gauge is McGyvered together and I'm not confident it is accurate.    Any suggestions for next step?   I know everyone who is anybody is at the national rally.  As for me, I just missed my 6th in a row.      

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Help with Carbs??? or something
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2010, 10:29:00 am »
Jim    When you installed the new needle valves did you polish the recess and needle seat with a Q-Tip and metal polish?  If not I suggest you do this.   It's common to get varnish on the needle valve recess sides that causes the needles to stick.     Also check and replace the fuel hose. When old they can flake rubber and that will cause the debris on the valve seat.    Your petcock sounds like its bad too unless you are leaving it on prime.  Make sure that you remove the slow running blanking plates and jets to make sure the idle circuit is free.    Last but not least that you have no leaks in the carb boots. Quick way to check is to spray starter fluid on the boots when at idle. If the idle changes they are leaking. Don't set yourself or the scoot on fire! :)  
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Help with Carbs??? or something
« Reply #2 on: July 14, 2010, 11:50:00 am »
Jim,  You live in Wisconsin.  How far can it be to the National.  I'd drag the bike up there and you'd find "experts" fighting each other to help you with your bike.  Or you could drive a Cage there and talk to the good folks.  Someone would probably volunteer to ride over and take a look at it.  "If it hasn't killed me yet, it's runnin out of time"    COG # 8062  AMA # 1084053  ROMA or Scarlet harlot acording to my wife
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