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Horn Comparison
« on: October 12, 2011, 10:21:09 pm »
I have a Stebel compact Nautilus air horn mounted on the Connie. Its rated at 115db at 2 meters. Colin has the Stebel HF80 Duel Horn package. They are rated at 112db at 2 Meters.

We put the two Connies side by side and then listened to them standing in front and from behind. In the end they were both the same as far as loudness goes. We would not really tell the 3db difference. The HF80 has a higher pitch to them. Sounds a little more annoying. The Compact Nautilus is deeper tone, less annoying.

I guess I dont mind either sound really. It gets down to mounting options. To install the HF80 duel horns in place of the factory horns I hear its required to remove the upper fairing. This can add some time and hassle to the project. But as recent threads have shown, finding a place to mount the Nautilus can also be a challange. So depending on your situation, it can be a toss up.

Both should be wire up with a relay triggered by the existing horn wires, and power supplied directly from the batt.

Myself, I have the Nautilus mounted where the factory front brake splitter was. I mounted it in the vacant spot since I have a 2 line SS setup. This has not been a bad location, but it does mean I have to remove it to remove/install a headlight bulb as it leaves little room back there. Its not that often so not a big deal, but does add time to the headlight change.

With winter approaching and getting dark sooner and sooner, I find myself drooling over them HID headlight kits once again. I am thinking of removing the Nautilus and installing it on the truck, to make more room behind the headlight. Then replace them with the HF80 Duel Horn pair and get me a set of the VVME HID lights.

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