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How clever the design.
« on: May 20, 2019, 06:45:12 pm »
Was switching to a new to me rear tire/rim combo from my C10 parts hulk due to a 6 inch split in my Dunlap on C10 rider. Due to age would suppose. Glad I caught it. The sun was just right to see it as they say.

One thing about picking up good deals on well equiped/farkled parts bikes is they just keep on giving as items age out on your rider. Hulk had two new tires.

Any case all went smoothly till I was going to exchange the brake disc. Appeared two of six bolts looked to have broken allen wrenches in them.

Ha ! Really were magnets to operate a cruise control long removed. How clever a design of trigger mount! However no amount of cajoling or cursing seem to make them want to vacate their position in allen head keyway. Was beginning to think they were epoxied.

Remembered had a huge magnet in shop. Worth a try? Worked real smooth on first one then it's opposite after a soak in liquid wrench due to dirt dust filling voids.

Get a load of that. Who would of thought. Live and learn?! Always....