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Mounting a Valentine One
« on: April 30, 2010, 12:45:00 am »
I have had a V1 for a long time. Before the Connie even. And after almost 5 years I finally got off my butt and mounted it up.     For power I got a V1 Direct Wire Adapter and mounted under the lip of the Rifle base. I will also use the V1 Remote Audio Adapter and run the audio  into the Autocomm system so I can hear it. It sounds so loud sitting there alone. But add some ear plugs and a helmet. 35 city traffic and I can hardly hear it. 60-70 on the freeway and I cannot hear it at all. Using the Autocomm works though since I probably will not bother and only ride with it on trips. Here I use the Autocomm anyways.    For Mounting I got a 2.5" diameter base, a 2" extension arm, and a 3x4 mounting plate. All for 1" balls RAM Mounts. I also scored up some black 3M Dual Lock. I have a 1" by 3 foot strip.     The original goal was to mount the 2.5" dia base onto the dash wity the Dual Lock so that it would be removable. When not in use I would only have the small patch of 3M Dual Lock on the dash. -- I covered the whole 2.5" base and stuck it down there. THAT STUFF IS STRONG. Now I cannot get it off. Maybe with a prybar or something. To jut give it a nice strong tug. It aint happening. So for now I just left it on there.    On the V1 I used 2 small pieces of 3m Dual Lock and a velcro strap for backup. I also have a way of securing the power wire to the Rifle. So it can be a tether if an emergency happened.    While I was at it I rewired the GPS power. When I got the Quest 2 it came with a suction cup mount with the cig lighter adapter with the speaker in it. I have been using it with the suction cup mount and its been working great. For power I plugged it into the accessory socket on the dash.     So today I removed the 12V adapter part off the end of the speaker housing part and soldered in a 12" wire with a RJ11 jack on it. Plugs right into the V1 Direct Wire Adapter. They both do. So now I run them both from there and leave the accessory socket open.    One last thing I did was get some cable mounting clamp things from Home Depot. I mounted them to the screws for the Rifle shield. 2 on each side. This gives me 4 quick and easy tie wrap locations for tying off the power cables for emergencies.    Here is the empty dash with the ram base still stuck on there.    Here is one with the V1 and the GPS side by side    The cable mounting thingies.    2003 Concours, 58K  COG #6953  IBA 28004    
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