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Rifle with 19" clear shield.
« on: May 28, 2009, 01:26:00 am »
Well back a few weeks ago I was posting and asking questions about windshields. And local COG member Rob in Enumclaw let me try out his Rifle for an afternoon ride. And the short of the story is I mounted up a new Rifle with 19" clear shield right before my 1700mi Memorial weekend adventure.    My current 24.5" Cee Bailey worked nice in the beginning. Maybe still a bit short compared to how I am now, but still acceptable. No complaints.     But over time I have added the Rick Mayer Saddle. And while its not too much taller than the stock seat. It definitly does not squish down like the stock seat. So I sit up and look over it more. Finally you can ready me recent Knee Savers thread and my new improved posture riding position. Even just sitting up straght makes a big difference. -- To the point it was time to do something.    I like the new Rifle. Of course since it is sized properly for all the changes I have made over time, its much quieter than the CB, which I kinda out grew the size I had.     Other observations are:    - Its quieter, but also what wind noise I do have seems constant. In that whether its 60mph or 90mph the noise seems the same. Where with the CB the noise seems to grow as the speed grew. That of course could be just because it was too short. but....    - From the front the CB looks nicer. The Rifle will have to grow on me.    - From the seat ( where I do all my looking ) I like the Rifle and the way the lower section makes like an extenstion of your dash. I like the effect and looks back here.    - The windshield sits up straighter and is further away from your face on the Rifle. Seems ok to me.    - The Rifle is not as wide, yet seems to make a nicer air pocket. Moving my hand around while riding, and just doing stuff like waving to other riders my hand does not seem to get blown around as much. Or at least it has to go out futher in the wave motion before it hits the jetstream.    Thats about all I can think of for now.   2003 Concours, 50K  COG #6953  IBA 28004  
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