Author Topic: Scarabeo Lam Lip helps with the wind roar from my Targa screen  (Read 755 times)

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Picked up a Laminar Lip designed for the Aprilia Scarabeo scooter off eBay the other day for $25 shipped, thinking that the dimensions would match my Connie's screen fairly well and that I would happily gamble $25 on any possible solution to the deafening wind roar that my Targa screen aims directly at my brain.  On my first mounting try, I placed it as high as I could at the very top of the screen: wind protection was phenomenal, but it placed the Lip where I had to look through it, not over it, most of the time.  The distortion caused by the compound curve of the plexiglass made judging distances and turn-in points unacceptably difficult, especially when mist or rain started to accumulate on it.  I dropped it down probably a full 2 inches yesterday, so that the top of the lip is now barely over the top of the existing screen.  This still yeilds a 75% reduction in wind noise at highway speeds, while allowing full visibility of the road ahead.  I may move it up again an inch or a half-inch to see if there's a perfect placement, but so far I am quite pleased with this mod, especially for the $.  MSRP on the Lip for the Connie is more like $80-100 if memory serves, so you may be well served to cruise eBay for a Lip designed for something else, which will help on your Connie nonetheless. 
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Re: Scarabeo Lam Lip helps with the wind road from my Targa screen
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$84 for the Connie model (C10 and C14 model are different, but the same price) and I thought they worked well.  Didn't consider trying a different model and I'm glad you got the chance.

For $25 I'd definitely get another!