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« on: March 04, 2009, 01:45:00 pm »
JEVCO  Please be advised that Jevco is now using the actual displacement of the motor instead of the name. Therefore the connie drops to the 751-999cc class instead of being in the 1000-1200cc class.   this is GOOD news for Connie owners ! Finally  This is a result of manufactures keeping a bike name but changing the displacement. IE BMW 650 has a 800cc motor for 2009. This will also change the class of some bikes IE KLR 650 has a displacement of 654cc, BMW Dakar 650 has 651cc therefore moved UP to the 651-750cc class. Honda XR650 has a displacement of 649  so it will remain in the 551-650cc class  Please advise your JEVCO insurance broker as savings could range from 60.00 to 150.00 a year.  KINGSWAY  Please check to make sure you have received the special bike discount (over 800cc) 20%  They also offer membership discounts 15%, FOR GROUPS IE CMG ON LINE, CMA, ETC  Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me at my office 1-800-243-9379 x 2251  John McClean        You'll never know where I'll be or when I'll be their as i'm riding in the wind.