Author Topic: Stebel HF-80s from Murph's-Horn wiring problems?  (Read 904 times)

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Stebel HF-80s from Murph's-Horn wiring problems?
« on: August 22, 2011, 10:14:14 pm »
Back in April I installed a set of HF-80 horns from Murph's Kits, with the optional wiring kit/relay that he sells. Everything worked fine, until July. On a ride, I'd hit a bump, and the horn would start to blow...I'd hit another bump--and it would quit! WTF!? The last 1/4 mile through the neighborhood to my driveway--with the horn blasting off & on at random intervals--all the neighbors in their yards were muttering under their breath, " $%&*%#!! bikers!!...."  (You may substitute your favorite expletives of choice!)
     I suspected some type of short, or wires touching where they shouldn't, or some other electrical malfunction that was causing this, so I striped the bike down, and checked out the whole circuit--but could find NOTHING WRONG! So I taped everything up, made sure nothing was rubbing or dragging on anything, repositioned the horn relay, and put it all back together. Made numerous rides over the next month--and it never happened again--until NOW!! I thought I had it fixed--but I thought WRONG!
   Yesterday, the problem returned.....To keep from annoying the public on my way home, I stopped and pulled the horn-fuse from the fuse box...(which isn't a very good idea, because it also kills your neutral light, temperature gauge, & who knows what else!) However; it DID keep the horn from going off again....which indicates that it's NOT a MECHANICAL problem with the horn relay...that is, if the relay contacts were somehow coming together (by hitting a bump?) without the relay being electrically 'picked'.  So the problem has to be ELECTRICAL-- somewhere in the horn circuit--i.e. the stock wiring that used to go to the stock horns, but now goes to pick Murph's horn relay! My question is, WHERE??? Anybody have any ideas? Also, has anyone else ever experienced problems with Murph's horn wiring harness or horn relay before? I welcome any and all suggestions, that might steer me in the right direction.
    Riding without a horn makes me feel naked and defenseless....and it's putting a cramp into what's left of my summer...can anyone HELP ME?