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Title: Wig wag wire
Post by: Bucky on May 19, 2016, 12:36:58 am
Amber LED DRLs up near mirror tops, switched via dash toggle for on / off usage. DRLs will be on almost every mile in daylight.

What I want -- When front left signal light is actuated, front left DRL flashes in wig wag pattern with signal lamp.

Same with right side.

I'm almost kinda there in my head using an additional flasher unit for each side left and right, but the constant on of the LED DRLs (when switched on via dash toggle anyway)  is perplexing me.

How to do this? A diagram would be most helpful.
Title: Re: Wig wag wire
Post by: Nosmo on May 19, 2016, 12:44:16 am
I installed side marker lights on the fairing and also LED light replacement for the OEM reflectors on the outsides of the luggage, and used some "normally closed - powered open" relays to get that wig-wag effect, and have them function as "always ON" running lights.  The relay trigger wire takes its power from the turn signal power wire, so when they come ON, it switches the relay OFF.  A big pain in the butt to wire and mount, etc. Then I found this wiring diagram, and I can't remember if it came from this forum or the "other" forum.  In any case, I stole it from the interweb, and I lay no claim to it, and apologize to the real author if they feel it is mis-used here.  I haven't tried it, but is it supposed to give you the wig-wag.

Diagram below:

Title: Re: Wig wag wire
Post by: Thud300 on May 19, 2016, 02:05:25 am
That is how most cars are wired to get the wig-wag effect at the front marker lights. When the turn signal bulb filament is on, the marker lamp filament has 12 volts applied to both sides of it, causing it to go out because it has no path to ground. When the turn signal bulb is off, the ground path for the marker is restored via the now de-energized turn filament, and the marker bulb turns on in alternating fashion.

No relays required in this configuration, but it does necessitate use of incandescent bulbs.
Title: Re: Wig wag wire
Post by: Bucky on May 21, 2016, 12:30:42 pm
My thanks to both. Not sure I'm quite there, or maybe I can't see far enough to make the replies do what the first post asks. Not sure.  I also posted the same query at a vehicle wiring forum with 0 response. Maybe we can't get there from here. Don't know.

Plan B if the original post won't fly - the way some modern cars are wired so that the DRL shuts off when the signal light flashes. Can't think of what this is called, but perhaps Audi was the first to go here?

In other words, when the left signal is flashing, the left DRL turns off for the duration of the flash signal.

Anyone know what this scenario is called?
Title: Re: Wig wag wire
Post by: jettawreck on May 22, 2016, 01:02:11 am
A lot of new cars turn off the DRL on the tun indicator side these days. It looks sort of odd when you see it shut off and the the indicator start flashing. I think they do it to make the turn indicator/flasher more noticeable instead of getting "lost" in the other light.
Title: Re: Wig wag wire
Post by: Bucky on May 22, 2016, 07:27:53 am
That's what I'm after - to shut down the DRL so the signal light becomes more apparent, and not washed out by the DRL.

The phrase I was after is "switchback" that describes this scenario. Many do it with a two color in one LED bulb array or strip system - the white LED DRLs shut down while the amber LEDs flash. I want to do it with add on / aftermarket LED DRLs and the conventional OEM two filament front signal / running lights.

I would think a relay will do this this, but can't find a schematic to show how. I have an email into these folks to see if their module will do what I want. (