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Re: You Favorite Accessory
« Reply #50 on: November 21, 2016, 12:40:09 am »
17" wheels? THey sure make tires selection and availability better and easier.   But, nahhhhh, not that.
Fuel injection?  It's great but maybe not my favorite thing.
Turbo?  Well, that's awesome and I love it dearly, but there is something that makes riding much easier, comfortable, and better for me...

The Murph's CCS1000 Cruise Control.  That's the schizzle of all farkles and accessories.  It saves my back, my shoulders, and my hands and arms from fatigue to extend the miles I can ride exponentially.  The best $180 I ever spent on a Connie and I don;t really like to ride without it anymore.  Highly recommended to all.   :great:
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