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???'s Backrest with Top Case
« on: September 17, 2014, 04:49:59 am »
Current set up 2009 Concours with modified stock seat with Shad 50 Liter top case on Phil's rack. SO wanted backrest so we tried a Corbin seat with oval backrest (backrest currently for sale) didn't care for Corbin so had stock seat modified then added Shad have had it for approximately a year SO (has backpain issues) does not like the vibration present in current setup. Recently purchased a Pirates Lair backrest and Rack combo ( awaiting delivery Thanks Andy).

Now my dilemma

With the backrest will I be able to still have a top case?

 I have an opportunity to pick up a Givi 47 Liter, which from what I understand does not vibrate as much as Shad due to Givi connects directly to Phil's rack whereas Shad has its mounting bracket on top of the rack allowing for more flex.

Has anyone tried successfully or unsuccessfully to have the Pirates Lair backrest with the Givi or the Shad? My concern is whether there is enough clearance between the backrest and lid of top case?

I know the Givi has a fixed mounting position whereas Shad has some room for movement allowed by sliding t-nuts within Phil's rack.

Thanks for your input.
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