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adaptiv tpx radar and laser detecter
« on: October 24, 2009, 06:21:00 pm »
I am in the market for a new radar and laser detecter for my new c-14. Is there anyone out there that has the adaptiv tpx unit installed on their ride?  If so how do you like it, how would you rate it and would you recomend it to anyone. Comments from members with different units and impressions will be appreciated.  Can you tell me the range and reliability of the units you have?  Which is better, the sound warning system or visual warning system?  Thank for your input and knowledge in this area, I am completely losts    Reed  

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adaptiv tpx radar and laser detecter
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2009, 10:20:00 pm »
Hello,  Currently running the Adaptive with the visual alert.  Once above 40 or so you can't hear the audio alert.  I have the visual alert mounted above my speedo and tach.  I love it, works great.  I would NOT buy their ram type mount that attaches using the two screws that hold the clutch or front brake lever to the bar.  Their mount uses a 3/8" metal ball that transmits vibration to the Control Console.  Buy a real Ram mount that uses a 1" rubber ball that does a very good job of killing the vibration before it gets to the Control Console.  I beleive it's also cheaper.  As a side bar, I had a defective Control Console, the visual alert would not work all the time, they were very quick to identify the problem and replace the Control Console.  Very happy with their response.  Later,  Norm  

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adaptiv tpx radar and laser detecter
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2009, 11:43:00 pm »
ive run the tpx for about 20k miles.  overall i would recommend it, as it has pointed out a cop or two i would not have normally seen.  mine is mounted on a tech mount.    pros:    visual alert is very bright, and adjustable for nighttime.  it extreme bright sun it can get washed out, so i recommend the audio alert.     the audio alert does a good job of beeping at you without being obnoxious. volume is adjustable.    the unit is easy to use and has large buttons.  best of all, its weatherproof.    cons:    the unit seems to encounter more 'false' k band alerts than other 'car' detectors ive used. it will sometimes just go off for no apparent reason.  i leave mine on 'city no x' setting.    the blue backlit keys are a little too bright at night.  you cant dim them, only turn them off.    ive heard of weather/water knocking out the visual alert leds.  i covered mine with clear silicon (tips of leds still exposed)and havent had a problem.  you really cant even tell!    audio alert button is large and can accidentally get bumped on when you are setting your helmet down, turning it on and shortening battery life.  also, the speaker wire comes out of the bottom of the unit, it gets quite a bit of wear in that spot and my insulation has worn through alittle, but the wire itself is in good shape.  it would be nice if there was a better located 'on/off' button and speaker wire outlet location.    the main unit has a slide mount 'plastic welded' to it.  this slide mount has been known to (and did in my case) break loose from the main unit.  i guess the vibration just breaks the plastic tabs over time.  they are aware of the problem and warranty it.  i just epoxied mine back together.  i think its stronger now than it was stock.    again, im being picky on some of these issues, but it is a good additions to a bike    Tom Hess  North Charleston, SC    COG #8406  IBA #30337  CDA #248 (C10)    97 c10 (former)  08 c14 (current)  
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