Author Topic: Anyone tried replacing the center glove box with a later model center section?  (Read 734 times)

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Has anyone tried replacing the center section glove box assembly with a 2010-current section?  I have a set of risers that won't work on the '08-09' model years because of the glove box.  I'd love to be able to let my customers know either way if that would be an option to switch it out.

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I haven't heard of risers that won't work with the glove box. What are they and why won't they fit? I have heard of folks going the other route and modifying a 08-09 glove box onto a 2010+. But I haven't heard of anyone wanting to go the other route. So this is a first for me. But I'm sure it could be done. Probably easier that going the other route. (since you don't need to move the relays)

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