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Title: C14 Accessories Quick Search Directory for Help and/or How To
Post by: Cap'n Bob on September 19, 2012, 08:39:01 pm
   I figured that I would start a thread for folk's looking for information, help or instruction with C14 accessories. This is only a starting point that may answer a question or how to. These links are to past threads on the forum itself. I suggest using the search feature to do full searches on topics that you may be interested in. Obviously this will be limited in the topics and links that it provides. So doing searches might provide you with more or other information on a subject.
   Like other directories, I will lock this to keep it organized. If there's a link that you think should be included. Please PM me with the pertinent information about subject and the link itself. Also mention which directory since there are a few directories and it's not always easy to tell which one folks are referring to.


Auxiliary fuse panels

C14 Fuse Block Options  :,28591.15.html (,28591.15.html)


Shorai Battery :,34208.0.html (,34208.0.html)


Braided lines questions... need your help :,33063.msg165904.html#msg165904 (,33063.msg165904.html#msg165904)

Installed - braided brake & clutch lines! :,33424.msg169378.html#msg169378 (,33424.msg169378.html#msg169378)

Cruise Control

Aftermarket Cruise Control? :,31042.msg154858.html#msg154858 (,31042.msg154858.html#msg154858)

Rostra Parts : ,37282.0.html (,37282.0.html)

Rostra Cruise Control Wiring Diagram :,37149.0.html (,37149.0.html)

C14 Rostra Wiring Outline :,40407.0.html (,40407.0.html)

Throttlemeister Instructions :,25075.0.html (,25075.0.html)

ECU - Reflash

guhl ecu reflash question :,36819.15.html (,36819.15.html)

Engine heat

Gen1 heat issues & fixes. :,35217.msg187134.html#msg187134 (,35217.msg187134.html#msg187134)


STOCK EXHAUST MODIFICATIONS :,39802.0.html (,39802.0.html)

C14 with ZX14 exhaust :,25929.0.html (,25929.0.html)

Foot pegs

Buell Pegs ??  :,33695.0.html (,33695.0.html)

Fuel tank stuff

Auxillary Fuel Tank:,36101.0.html (,36101.0.html)

Motor's Auxiliary Fuel Tank:,32047.0.html (,32047.0.html)

Handlebar options

Adjustable handlebars :,27496.0.html (,27496.0.html)

Helibars Horizon ST :,33835.0.html (,33835.0.html)

New multi-adjustable handle bars from Precision Engineering:,36950.15.html (,36950.15.html)


Pope’s Ram Mount Hand Wings Design :,37481.0.html (,37481.0.html)

Heated Clothing

Gerbing Heated Gear Control Install  :,35831.0.html (,35831.0.html)

Strategies For Wiring Heated Gear?  :,34938.0.html (,34938.0.html)

Horn upgrades

yet another horn upgrade/install :,37230.0.html (,37230.0.html)


Auxiliary LED controller :,37069.0.html (,37069.0.html)

Running Light/Signal LEDs :,37055.15.html (,37055.15.html)

Tail Light wire colors??? :,34992.0.html (,34992.0.html)

Luggage rack

Givi top case rack install :,39267.0.html (,39267.0.html)

Saddle Bags/Panniers

Bag retaining clips or pins :,36592.0.html (,36592.0.html)

Bag retaining Pins) :,27049.msg108065/topicseen.html#msg10806 (,27049.msg108065/topicseen.html#msg10806)


Help me, will a kawasaki zx-14 corbin seat fit a 2008 concours 14 :,36047.0.html (,36047.0.html)   

Tip Over Protection

Top-Block Instructions in English :,29494.0.html (,29494.0.html)
Title: Re: C14 Accessories Quick Search Directory for Help and/or How To
Post by: Cap'n Bob on November 26, 2012, 10:48:06 pm
I decided to add a section of actual C14 problems or questions. Yes I know this should be in the general section. But I thought it may be better keeping all topics in one thread (even if technically in the wrong section).  If you want to add or make changes, please PM an existing moderator with the particulars. But please give all the information as to what directory and what you're looking to do, since there are multiple directories.


C14 general questions or problems

C14 parts and accessories

C-14 Emporium :,39.0.html (,39.0.html)

Concours14 Farkle (Accessories) vendor directory :,27354.0.html (,27354.0.html)

C14 OEM Parts Directory  :,27750.0.html (,27750.0.html)

GTPP 36 month extension for $339.... :,27046.0.html (,27046.0.html)

Oil Filters and Oil that meets Kawasaki's specifications for the C14 :,33283.0.html (,33283.0.html)

Body parts

mirror panel removal:,47615.0.html (,47615.0.html)


08-09 C14 Self-Diagnosis Service Code Reading codes :,26973.0.html (,26973.0.html)

Engine Misc.

Engine Mount Torque:,40127.0.html (,40127.0.html)

What rpm should the idle be set at? :,38900.0.html (,38900.0.html)

Fuel Injection

autotune installation (power commander):,47576.15.html (,47576.15.html)

fuel injection warning :,38818.0.html (,38818.0.html)

Power commander V problems :,39825.0.html (,39825.0.html)

PC-V purchase question.. Maps publicly available v. Fuel Moto map library:,47545.0.html (,47545.0.html)

Gear Shift / shift Indicator

Gear Shift Indicator :,39450.0.html (,39450.0.html)

Rough Shifting Misc threads:,39757.0.html (,39757.0.html),26765.msg105997.html#msg105997 (,26765.msg105997.html#msg105997),37987.msg215140.html#msg215140 (,37987.msg215140.html#msg215140),36951.msg204469.html#msg204469 (,36951.msg204469.html#msg204469),36078.msg195238.html#msg195238 (,36078.msg195238.html#msg195238),30298.msg136692.html#msg136692 (,30298.msg136692.html#msg136692)

Handlebar / Handlebar controls

Hand numbness :,27550.0.html (,27550.0.html)

Raised and bent bars:,47382.45.html (,47382.45.html)

OEM Heated Grips

Heated grip question :,39371.0.html (,39371.0.html)

Need picture OEM right heated grip :,39074.0.html (,39074.0.html)


KiPASS Issue :,39483.0.html (,39483.0.html)

Kipass things to know...(Beginners should start here...) :,38101.0.html (,38101.0.html)

Programming C14 FOB Keys :,27128.0.html (,27128.0.html)

Secondary "Flies"

Flies? :,19573.0.html (,19573.0.html)

Secondary Butterfly Maps Revealed :,28657.0.html (,28657.0.html)


Are the Ohlins ZX14 forks a direct swap? :,34582.45.html (,34582.45.html)

Fork Oil Change :,13081.0.html (,13081.0.html)

Houston - we have a problem: C-14 lowerring questions- time sensitive :,37929.0.html (,37929.0.html)

Lowering Bike :,38404.0.html (,38404.0.html)

lowering, my experience :,30815.0.html (,30815.0.html)

Ohlins Rear Shock update :,27403.0.html (,27403.0.html)

Penske shock from Traxxion :,30732.0.html (,30732.0.html)

Rear shock preload adjuster :,38512.15.html (,38512.15.html)

Setting the suspension on the C14 :,35183.0.html (,35183.0.html)

Stock spring rates :,35890.0.html (,35890.0.html)

Tracking rear shock settings :,37690.0.html (,37690.0.html)

ZG's full Ohlins setup and powder coat project :,36666.75.html (,36666.75.html)


Car Tire update:,40491.msg245456.html#new (,40491.msg245456.html#new)

Tire Pressure Sensor

Cool weather and Low Battery warning :,38384.15.html (,38384.15.html)

Replacing the tire pressure sensor batteries. :,37344.0.html (,37344.0.html)

Running without TPMS sensors :,39086.0.html (,39086.0.html)

Tire Pressure Monitor question :,16664.0.html (,16664.0.html)

Tire Pressure Sensor Shelf Life? :,38135.0.html (,38135.0.html)

Triple Tree / Stem Bearing

Triple Clamp Stem Cap came loose...anything to check for? :,39230.0.html (,39230.0.html)

Valve Clearance

Valve Shim Calculator :,34643.0.html (,34643.0.html)

09 Service Manual Valve Clearance instructions :,1.20.html (,1.20.html)