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Cold Weather Gear
« on: September 24, 2018, 06:23:24 pm »
A few years ago, I purchased First Gear Cold Weather Gear and wish to share my thoughts.

I got the jacket, gloves, pants and socks. Each set has a separate remote control: one unit controls the pants and socks and the other controls the jacket and gloves. I place the remotes in the little "cage" on top of Kawasaki's gas tank bag. I had mounted them on top of the fluid reservoirs. I took them off as I only use them a few days a year.

Yesterday I used the gear. I was going to the Pine Pass and being up North, it is obvious that "Winter's Coming." It was +4C which is just under 40 F. I had them cranked on full for a few minutes and had to adjust them to the lowest setting and I was plenty warm. Can't imagine how cold it would have to be to leave it on full. I start the bike before I plug them in they start to work right away.

Positives: You are warm when your buddies are turning blue. It is super easy to install. The new remotes come "programmed" so it is basically plug and play. The gloves heat mostly on the back of your hands which works well with the grip warmers. The jacket seems extra warm at the back of your neck an the small of your back. Two places that you will appreciate being warm. The pants lessen the need for a heated seat.
Negatives: You are "wired" to your bike. I got the "extensions." They give you another foot from each of the 2 cords. If you have a senior moment and forget you are connected you will likely just pull them apart. Don't do that.

Recommendations: I don't have any comparisons to other products but First Gear Cold Weather Gear works for me.

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Re: Cold Weather Gear
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2018, 10:17:33 am »
Nice Review, and timely.  :great:

Pretty sure Warm-n-safe makes the gear for First Gear, so we know it's good stuff.

I'm looking forward to some colder weather to break mine out again.   :beerchug:

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