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Delkevic 8" slash cut
« on: January 15, 2017, 05:26:00 pm »
Was posting in emporium to trade my 17" tri oval for a 13".  Looking for a touch more volume in the soundtrack.  Still interested in that BTW.  I guess now I should put this early stage review here.

Found an 8" slash cut locally for $50 - just can and hanger - which is all I needed.  Hardly used - one dyno run supposedly, a garage scratch on the can but not too bad. 

Looks a little small for the bike.  With the hanger, the extension has to go on the outside of the hanger / rubber grommet of the bike rather than inside, so it shows ( ie. straight up mounting rather than an offset).  With the tri oval, the extension was on the inside of the bike and couldn't really notice it.  Not liking the way it looks and will see other options if I want to keep it on. (second pic)

Certainly worth $50 to settle this in my mind once and for all!  :great:


So today, temps got over 30 and I went for a ride - about 20 miles on our country roads.  It is certainly louder.  As with most pipes, you can keep it tame in the neighborhood.  Really jumps will revving high to get those triple digit runs - and sounds just great in that context.  Did not seem bothersome holding a steady speed like 60 or 90.  But we all know you can't test droning comfort unless doing it for an hour or more.  So far, I find it exhilarating flying around.  Heck, just happy to be on the bike since I tore it down for valves on Thanksgiving and winter set in.  Next weekend actually looks good for riding!

Usually ride without bags on.  Wondering if this will direct too much heat on them?  Anyone have experience here?  Can easily see putting the 17" back on for long trips with bags needed even if I do wind up liking this. 

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Re: Delkevic 8" slash cut
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2017, 08:38:45 pm »
I remember reading about other COGers having problems with the really short exhausts and heat damage to the bag from the hot exhaust but some folks came up with ways to put something between the bottom of the bag and the exhaust tip. 
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