Author Topic: Do you have picture of O2 sensor for AutoTune Installed on Muzzy?  (Read 848 times)

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Hello everyone I'm about to install my Dual Muzzy exhaust with the power commander and auto tune. My problem is I don't have a picture to show the shop on where to install the bung for the O2 sensor, so the shop wants me to install first to see where I have clearance etc...
Does anyone have a picture of the O2 sensor installed on their Dual Muzzy system? It can be email to me at or just post here.
Thanks in advance.

Also bike shop is recommending I install where the header joins to get reading from all cylinders (Header for us that have Muzzy dual Know comes in 2 part 2 cylinders per Header half).

Chris at dynotune recommends this:I know it sounds like a pain in the “you know what,” but I think the mechanic does have the right idea in this recommendation. Putting the sensor in a collector to get exhaust gas from all cylinders is not critical. In my opinion it is safe to assume all 4 cylinders are running the same and require the same tuning. The most critical factor in the accuracy that I experience is how far up or down stream you have the sensor. I recommend putting them as far upstream as you really can.
Let me know if you have any further questions.
Chris Kelly
Dynojet Research Inc.
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Any thoughts?
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