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Title: GPS-tracking system for 80 EUR
Post by: VAN BELLE Jean Marc on September 27, 2010, 08:09:00 am
I searched and bought yesterday a i-gotU GT-200E (64M, bluetooth version) GPS-tracker that is waterproof and very small to put in the left compartment and at the end of the evening I was surprised that the software  @trip PC or @Sports Analyzer afterwards all distances, heights (sometimes wrong) and speeds in the total traject I made yesterday when working, more than 200 km (125 mile).    Now I still have to test high long the batterie lasts, but am planning to put an extra USB-socket for charging the 'thing'.     I wonder, did someone already use the GT-600 for this purpose, because that can have a GSM sim-card for tracking purposes when they steel it or to see if it still stands parked where you have put it.  The vendor said the battery won't last long then, but with USB-power supplied, that won't be a problem anymore, I presume?    From the Rebel Van Belle out of Bellegoed, Bellegem, Belgium (Europe, born in Bruges, that must be known better than the bizar country of Walloons and Flemish people together forced in a construction called Belgium).   :quest: