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GTR1400 / Concours 14 '08-'13 LED Mirror Kit
« on: November 08, 2012, 02:55:26 pm »
Led turn signal mirrors

I had purchased these mirrors with the intent to install them myself but before I could I hit a deer outside of Yosemite National Park. I was unhurt and able to ride the bike on the rest of the planned ride. The bike incurred about $3500 of damage. I had 15000 miles on the bike and the rear PR2 was past the wear bars. I decided to let my mechanic do the repairs, maintenance, and install the mirrors.

Gary Petit of Import Motorcycle Specialist did all of the work. He told me that instead of using the supplied wire connectors he went directly to where the connection of the blinker housing and accommodated the wires into the OEM connector. No wires cut. The mirrors look stock to any casual observer and so far stick well to the stock mirror glass.

Several members of the “other “  forum  have installed these mirrors and have had a similar complaint as me. During the middle of the day, especially when the sun falls on the mirrors the flashing signal is not very bright and I doubt that other drivers note them. Even I may miss them blinking after a turn.

On the plus side I find that in the morning , evening, and night hours they stand out very well. Even in those early  twilight or dusk hours they are more than bright enough. In these conditions one can't help but see them after a turn and switch them off.  I am sure they are very noticeable to traffic in adjacent lanes or behind me. I hate riding at night and worrying about being seen. With this Mod.  plus my Admore trunk lights and back bag reflectors I feel I may even be overcompensating.

I also noticed that the OEM mirrors are distortion free and show traffic as it is behind me. These signal mirrors should say “ Caution, objects may appear father than they are ".  The curve of these mirrors are very subtle and uniform and have better coverage than the OEM originals, I had spot mirrors before but doubt that I will put them back on.

I am fairly happy with the appearance, function and cost of these mirrors. My main concern is how well the lenses stick and how well the  surface holds up after several years of cleaning .

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Re: GTR1400 / Concours 14 '08-'13 LED Mirror Kit
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2016, 09:22:04 am »
DGOLD, any long term updates on these mirrors?
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