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hid question for brian BDF
« on: February 20, 2014, 02:47:39 am »
back in july we talked about my hid lights coming on one at a time,  i have finally got around to stripping the tupperware from the bike and would like to fix, i have limited knowledge of auto electrics, so was wondering if you could explain how to run the 10 gauge as you suggested below,
or if not brian then some one else would do,

The best way to combat voltage drop in the HID ballasts is by running a heavy gauge wire all the way back to the battery. I used a 10 gauge wire; overkill for sure but wiring is one of those things where too big causes no harm but just a bit too small and there will be a voltage drop. I used the frame itself for the ground or negative wire because it is so massive the resistance, and the corresponding voltage drop, is quite small.