Author Topic: How to have a better wind proteccion with the stock windshield  (Read 942 times)

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I have a Friend that own a TRIUMPH TIGER 1050 and install one of those windshields, i rode that bike before and after and the difference is huge, to ride that bike with the stock windshield without a full face helmet at high way speeds is very bad, so  with that windshield                              ( ) you can ride  at any speed with the helmet  shield open and with earphones listening music at low volume with no problem  and if you see it is very small, the difference with the stock is the angle that it is mounted at, so after that i decide to make a little modification to my 09 connie in which i have a 2010  windshield so i did change the angle of it installing some shims  between the mechanism bracket  and the front part of the bike frame were it is mounted at,    and it make a big difference,
So far i only install at the middle bolts one washer 2 mm thick and to the upper bolt 3 mm and that move the upper edge of the windshield about 1/2" forward (measuring it  all the way down) , thinking about to install an other washer  and it will be OK  or might be elongating the hole were the bottom bolt goes at will let it to tilt upward a little bit more with out more washers
So the secret is to tilt the windshield  upward and you will see the difference and keep your stock windshield
One more thing, it work for me , i'm 5-9" tall so for taller riders might not work as good
I'm not a native English speaker so i hope you guys understand what i meant
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Re: How to have a better wind proteccion with the stock windshield
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Thanks for the tip. I am probably too tall to utilize it though it is worth a shot.
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