Author Topic: ...Kawasaki Top Case...Finally...with the color coordinated piece also !!!  (Read 1132 times)

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...Good things come to those that wait... and repeatedly call the dealer  :)  ... The (almost) last piece of puzzle finally came in yesterday...that is Kawasakis large top case complete with the color coded top piece also....Yipee!!  ;)

.   I will attempt to get to it by the weekend...that is attaching the back case.  ALso got Admores LED's for the back lights on the lid thanks to a very good post by someone here.   Previewed the instructions and it looks like the fine people at Admore included everythng including a drill bit...WOW  :) :)...

 WIll post finished pics of the mods soon.  Hopefully it will cease from the current monsoon season here in So. Oregon so I can finish the break in period  :))   
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