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Minor Farkles
« on: April 04, 2012, 11:11:32 am »
My wife and I drove up to Cycle Gear yesterday afternoon. They had a bar mount for our Go Pro camera we saw in their catalog so we went to go get one. All of the mounts that come with the kit seem to be permanent stick on type things and I wanted to find either a ram ball mount or something that wasn't permanent and this was the fix. She wants to be able to mount it on her handlebars or highway bars and this will be perfect.

While I was there, I picked up a front wheel jack. For the $45 it cost, that will now allow me to remove my own wheels for my next tire change and defer that cost. I also got a tank bag, a 10 liter, big enough to hold my eyeglass case, kickstand pad, alternate pair of gloves, wallet, phone, "old man" medical kit of pain relief and antacid, and whatever small stuff I always put in my pockets or had to store in the luggage. It's got a nice clear map pocket on top too which will be great for printed directions that I usually tape to my windshield. Decent price of $50 for that.

I also found the one pair of gloves I've been needing. I have great warm/hot weather gloves, and fairly decent cold weather ones, but was missing that pair in the middle for when it's too cold for the summer gloves and too hot for the winter gloves- those days when it's 50-60 degrees. $15 bucks for a leather gauntlet style glove. If they fall apart in a year, so be it. I had a pair of Alpinestars mesh gloves that self destructed in 1 season, the velcro attachments would grab at the fingertips when you tried to take them off and wore holes in both index fingers. Those were a lot more $$ too. 

So, not really farkles, but some good stuff I've needed. The only thing they didn't have in stock were the slip on rain covers for my boots. They had them, but not my size. The ones they have seem to be pretty good, zip up the side, no velcro like other types, full boot sole, elastic at the top. This way on long trips in the summer I can wear my mesh Tarmac boots and if it rains or is cold, slip those on for some added protection, and save the room of having to carry a 2nd pair of waterproof/warm boots. These along with waterproof warm weather gloves are the last pieces I need for my gear arsenal.

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Re: Minor Farkles
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2012, 10:54:18 pm »
I love Cycle Gear...they really stand behind everything they sell!  I had a mesh jacket that was over a year old. and the zipper had an issue, and I asked them if they can get it fixed, and the guy looked up and verified that I purchased it there, and then told me to pick up a new one off the rack, and have a great day!

Had gloves that fell apart in a season, and they did the same thing!

I just bought a pair of Sedici (they're higher-end brand) gloves for an excellent price compared to "name brands" and they come with a lifetime warranty!

I go to the store in West Palm Beach, FL, and the people that work there are really great!  I never feel like a stranger there.  :)
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