Author Topic: Phablet Tech Mount or Ram Ball and cradle clarity and viewpoints.  (Read 595 times)

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I am Looking at various mounting options on Murph's kits and the Ram Mount websites and have come to some in-conclusion as to which does which.  Maybe the community here can speak into the microphone as to which they prefer.  I have a LG G3 Phablet 5.5" that I wish to mount in a visible location for easy mounting/dismounting.  I am leaning to the Ram Mount Model RAM-HOL-UN10BU.  I wear a full face helmet, it seems like I need to mount it above the Speedometer/Tachometer so I don't have to lower my head to see it if possible.

Is the Tech mount just for bolting on a GPS unit, or can it work with a Ram Mount? 

Does anyone know the size of ball that comes with the Murphs Kit bar risers?  (can't find that bit of data on their site)

Does anyone use or prefer a higher attach point then the bar riser for Ram mount ball, like higher on the handle bars or maybe somewhere above the speed/tach?

Thanks for input in advance.

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Re: Phablet Tech Mount or Ram Ball and cradle clarity and viewpoints.
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I think it is the 1" ball.
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