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Title: Real Time side bag reflective decals - A+ customer service
Post by: Gildaguz on April 03, 2014, 10:24:10 pm
After 3+ years that I own my 09 Concour  finally it happen, I DROPPED, there are some damage in the mirror, middle fairing , running LED lamp mounted under the mirror and hard bag, all left side because as most of us who dropped was because forget to pull the side stand, the bottom strip o the reflective decals of the bag also get damaged.
It was one of my first mod on my bike, I install then using soapy water  and after 3 years most of the time under outside weather conditions  because I rode daily to work  all year here in south FL they still holding in place and look as the first day, I, impressed with the quality of this product
So I check the Real time  web site to order a new set but needing only the two front bottom strips for this bag I wrote a e-mail to customer service requesting  to see if they can sell only this section.
 And here is why I'm writing this post : One  hour later I received a call from they asking for my address to send me the parts that I need  and better than that I don't have to pay for that
Better customer service and product? no where
Thanks REAL TIME (