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Relay for LED driving lights
« on: June 07, 2011, 08:09:12 pm »
OK, I know what I want to do and I have all the parts (relay and dimmer). I want to install a SPDT (Single Pole, Dual Throw) relay to 'feed' the LEDs.  One side of the relay will come from the dimmer.  The other side will be to feed full voltage to the lights.   The power will be hooked to the Eastern Beaver PC Fuze Block and wired 'switched' so the ignition must be on for the lights to get power.  (They are wired that way right now.) 

When the ignition is on and the bike low beam is on, the lights would run through the dimmer (via the relay- normally closed position).  When the high beam switch is turned on, the relay switches to the full voltage (normally open position) and the LEDs go BRIGHT. 

I've bench tested the relay and I know that when I apply voltage across the coil terminals of the relay, the relay swaps from the normally closed (dimmer) to the normally open (full voltage) circuit.  All that works as planned. 

Here's the question.  What do I use (specific wire colors and locations) to grab the trigger for the relay to activate when I switch from low beam to high beam?  I think I can tap off the high beam relay under the tank top cover, but before I accidently let the 'magic smoke' out of something, I figured it would not hurt to ask someone who might actually know!  Basically, I want to tap into the High/Low beam switch (I think).

Any suggestions?
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Re: Relay for LED driving lights
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2011, 07:41:51 pm »
You should be able to tap into the wire going to the High Beam relay coil & High Beam dash light indicator.

On the early models, it would be the Red & Black wire (R/BK on the schematic) You can find it coming from the handle bar switch to the relay and the dash assembly.

I don't have the manual for the 2010 with me, but it's probably the same color wire.
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