Author Topic: She's got a fat butt (my Connie not my wife)  (Read 963 times)

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She's got a fat butt (my Connie not my wife)
« on: June 23, 2012, 08:20:51 pm »
So yesterday morning I'm backing out of the garage and slowly start to ride between my car and the jet ski. The mirrors fit through with no problem, there's a few inches to spare on both sides. It's early and I completely forget that the bags stick out much farther than the mirrors. After feeling the scrape I stop and look at the left side bag. Nice 6" scratch. After much cursing inside my helmet I get off to look and notice the majority of the scratch is on the part covered by the saddlebag surface shield  after pulling the shield off there's not a mark underneath it. Managed to buff out the remaining few inches so it's hardly noticeable.

Just wanted to recommend this stuff. Keeps the scuffs of the bags too when you're throwing a leg over and touch the bags with your boot.

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Re: She's got a fat butt (my Connie not my wife)
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2012, 09:41:25 am »
i had the clear installed by my guy on the cases, tops and front edge as mounted. Super glad i did.  :beerchug: (looks about the same, and invisable unless looking hard for it)