Author Topic: Vance and Hines CS1 and other Mod's  (Read 1132 times)

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Vance and Hines CS1 and other Mod's
« on: July 09, 2011, 09:05:28 pm »
I installed the CS1 (promise to add some pics this weekend) along with removing the Heli bar risers and adding the Cee Baileys Euro wind screen. 

-CS1  I really really like this slip on.  It has a nice mellow sound and may get louder as it burns in, but for now a very rich snarl and mellow idle.  I also can't imagine a better looking muffler for this bike.  The black heat shield that comes with it to replace the factory shield is a very nice touch.  Fit and finish is outstanding as well.  The bike is bone stock as far as the motor goes and can't really say i've noticed any improvements or changes in performance, but wasn't really expecting any.

-Cee Baileys Euro  At 6' 185 it is just about perfect for me.  As has been mentioned before, it does it's job so well it takes a bit of adjustment in the all the way down slot due to the decrease in air from the stocker.  At mid way the wind has been toned down to a very manageable level.  At full up, with a slight duck and I'm in a complete silent pocket of air.  I have owned and currently still own a half a dozen Cee Baileys for a different bike and fit and finish with this product is the same as always...outstanding.  I had the dealer put it on while it was there for first service so I have a question but will post in another thread.  I can see buying a shorty blacked out one just for these Texas summers and non touring type rides though.  It is a big WS.

-Heli Bar Riser removal   I THINK I'm glad I removed them.  I really do believe the bike is more responsive and it feels sportier to me.  I really enjoy what I believe to  be the faster turn in and overall control I feel.  I do admit that the first full day after removing them I was starting to think about putting them back on due to my hands not being used to being down. (I took delivery of the bike with the risers on it after riding a pre-owned one that had them on, so was convinced it was what I wanted.)  After a couple more days and several hours of riding my hands are adjusting and I am enjoying the tighter feel I get.  I'm not sure however whether I'll put them back on at some point or not.  I'll probably decide after the next all day trip.  Have another question about that as well that I'll post elsewhere.

Still loving this motorcycle!