Author Topic: Which tire should i buy ? Michelin PR 4 GT or the Angel GT?  (Read 385 times)

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Hi all, it's that time again. I bought a set of PR 4 GT tires and have ridden 12,000 miles on both of them thus far; front definitely has life left, but rear needs replacing immediately. Considering the Angel GT tire this time around just to see how it performs. Have any of you experienced both of these options ? Let me know! All i care about is handling and overall life. I ride to work daily, 15 miles each way (all highway) and do many 100-200 rides per year, of which have about 1/4 highway and 3/4 mountain style roads, some twisties and some straightaways, etc. i like in the bay area, CA. Let me know your thoughts and thanks in advance!

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