Installing a Projekt D Pillion Footpeg Lowering Kit

G'day All,

Another installation write-up for people thinking of buying some foot peg relocation kits.

I bought the Projekt D kit for no other reason that I was buying some other things from them at the same time (such as their radiator guard and rear tyre hugger).  Follows is some info about the install.

  • Beginner

Tools required:
  • 10mm ring spanner/box wrench
  • 5mm Allen Key
  • Flat head screwdriver or ring expander

If repositioning muffler:
  • 6mm Allen Key
  • 12mm ring spanner/box wrench
  • 14mm ring spanner/box wrench

  • First thing you need to do is get the circlip off the bolt holding the pillion foot peg in place. Use either a flat head screwdriver, or in my case a ring expander, to pull/push the circlip free. Just be careful, if this thing flies off you will spend a while crawling your garage floor looking for it.
  • As you remove the pin for the foot peg just be sure to hold everything together.  There is a small ball bearing in the foot peg that can be easily lost as you reposition it to the equivalent location on the relocation kit. If you get confused just compare against the peg on the other side of the bike.
  • Install the foot peg into the bottom of the relocation bracket and insert the bolt that comes with the kit, but don't tighten yet.
  • Now install the relocation kit onto the original peg mounting point.  On the exhaust side of the bike you now need to check clearance in relation to the muffler.
  • If the bottom of the bracket is touching the muffler (I ran into this problem on my 2012, earlier years or after-market slip-ons shouldn't be an issue), you need to reposition the exhaust system.  Do this by loosening - but not removing - the bolts at: the midpipe where it connects to the header pipe, the mounting point near the rider's footrest, and the bracket holding the muffler to the rear foot peg. Now twist and pull the muffler back as far as the mounting points will allow.  It won't be much, less than half a centimetre, but the goal here is to twist/move the muffler away from the relocation kit.  Once satisfied tighten everything back up snug paying extra attention not to over-tighten the clamp on the midpipe to header pipe.
  • Also in my case I wasn't happy with how loose the relocation kit felt in the stock mounting so I put a small piece of rubber behind the kit that now holds everything firm
  • Now you can tighten up the bolt on the relocation kit, and re-insert the circlip at the top of the kit.
  • Repeat on the left side of the bike, but obviously no such issues as muffler clearance here.

Went for a bit of a ride yesterday and my wife definitely prefers the position of the lowering kit. She’s about 5’7” and found it felt more natural and she can brace a little easier when stopping hard.  However, she did say that with the change in position she now feels a bit more upright than before and as a result is looking forward to the backrest that is currently on the way to us. It's not a bad position, just different

In the attached pictures you can see the before and after of just doing one footpeg. You can also see the picture of the clearance I got between the right footpeg and the muffler AFTER I repositioned the muffler.

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