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1999 Kawasaki Concours For Sale $2400
« on: October 06, 2017, 11:17:23 am »
1999 Kawasaki Concours 1000
36,800  on 10/21/17
Garage kept and stored.
Starts easy, idles perfect, no stumble.
Ready to ride home today.
Cruise control.
Factory side luggage,
Giant aftermarket windshield
Super Brace front fork brace makes super stable
GIVI rear luggage rack and Luggage
Oil & oil filter changed 500 miles ago.

Price is $2200 (negotiable in person). 
I will consider selling luggage separately.

This Concours is garage kept its entire life.  There is no rust, or corrosion, not even on the battery.  There is no dust or dirt even in crevices.  There is no leaks from oil seals.  The oil and filter was changed every 3,000 miles.  This bike starts in hot, cold or warm weather.  It will require full choke for 15 seconds on the coldest day (30 degrees F) and can be weaned off choke after 3 minutes. 

Not Pictured are the side(2) and rear luggage which are carefully stored in my garage loft.  I used this bike for summer commutes to work or pleasure rides to the shore and a few rally (fund raiser) rides.  So I prefer to ride without luggage.  The luggage goes with the bike at $2200.

Why am I selling this Concours?   I don't ride this Concours enough.  I have other motorized toys (Dualsport, Quad and PWC) to ride.  I ride this Concours twice a month for at least 5 miles so battery charges and oil fully warms up and gas runs thru the carbs.   I really like that I never have to work on this Concours like my other bikes so I a bit torn about selling it.  It is always ready and never gives a bit of trouble.  I trickle charge (with smart charger) this bike and add gas stabilizer during winter months.  I start this Concours each month even during the winter to keep the fuel moving.  I don't want to haggle over price but will negotiate if you find some flaws that I missed. 
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1999 Concours