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Title: BMW Forum Changing Hands. Tidy
Post by: freebird6 on October 31, 2018, 10:28:12 am
Found this interesting. Great read. Member over there with the RT, like this space has been a wealth of info with great guys jumping in and helping. As the current Owner/Moderator steps down he leaves a history and a direction. Good read.
It's Time to Move On (  Copying and pasting text for those who don't want to be caught dead on a BMW forum

It’s time for me to move on. This is a bit emotional for me, so it's long. If you want to cut to the chase, just go to the last couple of paragraphs for the not-so-surprise ending.

Nearly 20 years ago, Steven “Cary” Littell started this board after a ride on chopper/cruisers with his Dad, during which time they saw a BMW 1100RT come flying around a corner in almost total silence, its rider with a twinkle in his eyes, smile wrinkles visible inside that helmet, and all of the guy’s stuff neatly tucked into the saddlebags and top case. It was a life-changing moment for Cary, who decided right there that he wanted to have that experience, too. So he bought an RT and so loved that bike that he started to help spread the word about these incredible machines. I also had an RT and found the board early on. Cary and I got to know each other and became friends, so he asked me to become one of the first Admins.

When Cary bought Marin BMW, he felt he had a conflict, in that owning a BMW dealership and also owning a board on which people talked about both the good and bad about the RT, might not look good to BMWNA (U.S. corporate). He asked me if I wanted to take over the board and I declined. I was 47, had a family and a busy career, and just didn’t have the time. So together we looked and we found David Baker.

Cary greenlighted it. And David was a helluva choice. He was committed, self employed and had the time, and he was smart. Way smart. Our growth was astonishing. And the maturity of the members and their discussions was driven by the topics David would post about. I marveled at the level of his discussions, and was ever so glad to continue to serve as an Admin on that Team. David changed the board's name to the more inclusive He presided over the first UnRally (the Un was T.M. Roe's concept), and history was made. Later, he put on a regional event called El Paseo, about which people still talk in reverent tones.

After about 5 years, David was itching to grow in even more ways, so he offered me the board once again. And once again, I was too busy. But Leslie Edmonds wasn’t. And she had been very active on the board, even organizing and running UnRally III in Cody, Wyoming. It was during this time that the level of civility that is the hallmark of this board was most deeply entrenched in our DNA. No politics. No religion. Courtesy toward all. Even if we argued, it was to argue the subject, not the individual. We also established our unique Classified Ad rules. No direct replies, only PM’s. The board was less cluttered and people could negotiate in private, away from prying eyes and smartass remarks.

Again, after about 5 years, Leslie found herself with growing personal commitments. She realized she didn’t have enough time for the board any more, so once again it was offered to me. And this time I said Yes. That was 6 years ago. The first thing I did was to ensure our rock-solid Admin Team that they (my fellow Admins) were also the Team for the future. Mitch Patrie and Mike Boomgarden have been on this board and have been Admins as long as I’ve been here. Their outstanding insights and perspectives have kept our standards high and our growth humming along. They’ve been key. And we’ve had some great help from so many other members (too many to name) who gave some time to the Administrative process. In particular, Mike Greiff has been a stellar addition. It’s been this Team (and I deliberately capitalize Team) that has been the backbone of our success, our ideas, the improvements we’ve made and the growth we’ve had. THEY deserve all credit.

One of the first things I found myself faced with was that we didn’t have a location or plan for UnRally 11 (2012), and not much time to do put one together. I lived in SoCal but also had a home in Montrose, CO, and knew the area well. And with two successful UnRallys already in Gunnison and riding that’s beyond heavenly, no one would ever say, “Good heavens, not Colorado again.” So I set about with the preliminary work. Then one day, I got a call from BeemerBoy (Randy Rabalais). He said he wanted to help. He didn’t know that I’d selected Montrose, so he told me about Salida, CO. It was near his home in Colorado Springs, was up in the mountains, had a wonderful small-town atmosphere, and he had found the perfect motel for us to stay, with great rates and a wonderful centralized après-ride gathering area for storytelling, lies, and the beverages that foster both. And the riding was, . . .well . . ., Colorado. Awesome in every direction. So I forgot about Montrose and gave the UnRally to Randy. It was probably a bit more than he was looking to do, but he didn’t flinch. He tackled the job like a pro. And it was a huge hit. Plus, it introduced Whip to Salida which eventually made him move from Texas and forced him to learn to breathe at 7700 feet in the air. We’ve all been the better for it. A HUGE Thank You to Randy.

I mention Whip because he’s now the new owner of BMWST. At the Pre-Red Lodge event at his new home in Salida back in 2016, he told me that if I ever wanted to pass on the board to someone else, he’d like to be considered. I wasn’t interested at that time, but with retirement this year, a relocation to Montrose, CO (finally!), and a few other life changes, I decided to simplify my life. I’m still a member and an Admin, but the direction of the board will now be in Whip’s hands. And he has some excellent plans which he’ll be outlining in the weeks and months to come.

It’s been my personal honor to put together and work with the Team that has led this board over these past 6 years. It’s time to let someone else feel that pride.

So please give Whip (Larry to those who prefer to be formal) your support and your allegiance. I know he has and will continue to earn it. He has been an active and supportive member of this board. He's organized and hosted two UnRallys. He's hosted many riders at his home and has orchestrated missions to help more than one stranded rider. He's a leader. He's now our leader. And he will lead to an even more successful and prosperous future.

Thank you to all the members here for your trust and confidence these past years.
Title: Re: BMW Forum Changing Hands. Tidy
Post by: ZXtasy on October 31, 2018, 09:00:30 pm
Thanks for sharing. I was on that forum from 1997 to 2000 when I had my R-1100RT. It was a wealth of knowledge and I got to know and appreciate Cary as well. Interesting to see how this web based forum changes as do we, in rides,maturity and tastes.