Author Topic: private messege vs email via profile contact  (Read 585 times)

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private messege vs email via profile contact
« on: April 18, 2018, 10:01:05 pm »
Ok, this has popped up again, and in reference to the post originally (in a section that will not accept new posts...)

I'll ask this,

The original posting

Makes the issue about private messeges, but that isn't the issue, as those travel internally, and cannot be answered thru a notification you got one..can't recall the verbiage in a notification, but iirc there was something to the effect "do not respond...." added to notify its an autogenerated thing..

Doesn't happen that way on an email, just tested it, and it just goes thru, and has nothing telling you "not to respond via reply" feature..
The issue is with the email feature, you know, that "envelope" icon attached to your profile, and sidebar...
When an email is sent thru the system, using this feature, the recipient gets an email, there is nothing stating "XXXX sent you an email"
If you respond thru that notification email, it has autogenerated a fictitious email address as a "CC" add on during the response, well, not really fictitious, but it adds a suffix directing it to IT@COGxxx,
So please, repair the language in the original post noted above, to specify it relates to email, not personal messeges, which is confusing but still not what really takes place.. or, atleast direct people to examine the address they respond to, and highlight both the email address, and the one generated as a CC address, and remove the one with the IT suffix...
thanks in advance..
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Re: private messege vs email via profile contact
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2018, 11:32:35 pm »
that's not entirely accurate, but the gist of what you are trying to say is correct.

what's happening is this:
when somebody sends you an email via the email icon it sends it from something that looks like this
 "TheirEmailaddress@theirhost" <IT@cog-online...>

the part in quotes is the friendly name, the part in the <> is the real email address.
it has to do this because that's where the email is coming from. when the receiving email server does a  lookup to see what email servers are valid to send email AS yahoo or whoever, it won't find our forum server.

it is set to send AS IT@cog-online because we can create the appropriate SPF records so that hopefully it won't get blocked by the spam filters.
the problem is when people hit reply, it sends it on to the "real" email address.

Used to be that when somebody hit reply to one of these, the intended recipient wouldn't get the email,  I would. (there are a couple of threads talking about that on the forum) Somewhere along the way, it started delivering to both addresses.

so, yeah don't hit reply from forum emails. the text surrounding that option isn't exposed via the GUI, so I'll have to look in the code.

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