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Title: Sold Sub-forums for emporium/classifieds
Post by: Tour1 on September 15, 2018, 02:01:02 pm
I suggest that each classified section have a sub-forum for stuff that is no longer for sale.  Apparently threads can be moved even after the thread topics are old enough they can't be changed to "sold".  If there were a sub-forum for "sold" C-10 classifieds, for example, you could still research what items are typically available and what they typically sell for (or don't sell for).  Although a Mod would have to make the move I'm assuming it's easier than editing or whatever.
The move could be made at the thread starter's request or be due to whatever criteria may be used, including a post saying the item is sold.
A Mod doesn't have to move every "sold" thread, either, because posting dates will still be hints that a sale offer may not be current.  Seller bumps will also help to make the recent posts "real" as the list may be culled slowly from present to past.
Another forum I've seen says they delete "sold" items.  You can guess what's happening there, a bunch of long threads with a sold message somewhere near the end.  Probably because users forget to look at page 2 and up before posting a reply.
Consider this idea for how well it benefits you, I have plans to sell my bike and may not be around in 2 years (not expecting it to sell fast).