Author Topic: $11 bucks a quart of oil! Damn!  (Read 8302 times)

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Re: $11 bucks a quart of oil! Damn!
« Reply #50 on: May 23, 2013, 10:29:39 am »
I think it is kinda along the more (and/or bigger) is better mentality. ie, if 40 is good, 50 must be better.
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Re: $11 bucks a quart of oil! Damn!
« Reply #51 on: May 23, 2013, 10:37:53 am »
Well thicker oil leaks slower!
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Re: $11 bucks a quart of oil! Damn!
« Reply #52 on: May 23, 2013, 12:55:20 pm »
I use Spectro Golden 4 Synthetic Blend Oil 20W50. Always. Why?
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No camshaft pitting - very little wear. No valve issues. Never replaced the cam chain, or the tensioner. It always shifted smoothly.
20W50 works better in the hot climate and brutal traffic of LA.
$11 a liter at Chapparal Motor Sports in San Berdoo. $55 gets enough for a change with some left over.
Changed it every 6000 miles.
I highly recommend it. Used it on both my Wings, and I'm using it in my C-14.

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Re: $11 bucks a quart of oil! Damn!
« Reply #53 on: May 23, 2013, 01:09:56 pm »
I use this oil in my old bikes and it works very well. It is a motorcycle oil that is designed for air cooled engines and is very temperature stable. I personally think that a 50 weight oil is way to heavy for something with tight tolerances  that can rev to 10,000 rpm but that is just my feeling about it. This brings up the reasoning that using a diesel oil such as Rotella in these engines is not a good idea as it is not designed for high rpm engines, it specializes in neutralizing sulfur based acids and holds very high  surface tensions for high bearing loads, none of which a motorcycle gets. Another issue about large range conventional oils...the big viscosity range is achieved by adding long chain polymers ("rubber" in the industry) to it. This stuff will shear and make a mess, reducing the effectiveness of the oil pretty quickly. Stick with synthetic if you want to use 5W-50.
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Re: $11 bucks a quart of oil! Damn!
« Reply #54 on: July 05, 2013, 06:50:13 pm »
All of you make very good points. But the first number is the  viscosity when cold . 5w40 is a good thing during start up. But the wide spread (5w40) forces them to use the funny stuff that can break down and then you have a thinner oil. This is not as much of a problem with synthetic though. I read this on the "bob the oil guy" I think. I just purchased my first 14. Love the bike and I enjoy this forum also.

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Re: $11 bucks a quart of oil! Damn!
« Reply #55 on: July 06, 2013, 01:21:24 am »
I was wondering why I saw somewhere on the back of a gallon jug of Rotalla  pictures of cars , trucks and  tractors with a box checked off next to them and a picture of a motorcycle with the box not checked. Another words the manufacturer of this oil does not recommend using it in motorcycles.
I wonder why that is?Maybe it is this:
JASO is an acronym that stands for "The Japanese Automotive Standards Organization." Among other things, they set standards for oil to be used in motorcycles.
Shell Rotella T oil does list on its packaging JASO MA as one of the specifications it meets.
Just saying...  please dont shoot the messenger.
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