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Consumption record 1400GTR/Concours 14
« on: September 27, 2010, 06:51:00 am »
On you can find a small from Dutch with google translated webpage about a very dangerous record and the description how I did it in ECO-modus (shifting from 1st over 3th to 6th, 6th only has the larges gain in consumption to less thant 4 liter per 100 km).    Could anyone here translate perhaps the original page, because the Australation forum also like this page.    If you break the record, send me the data and I will publish it also.    With greatings from 'over the water'...    VAN BELLE Jean Marc,  Bellegoed, Straatje 21  BELLEGEM  BELGIUM  EUROPE  +32-56/252520  +32-470/49.29.31    PS: I was former a PanAmerican ST1100 driver, this Kawa is... fantastic! Driving it means a pure orgasm from start to end with 155 HP between the legs. That's why I call her 'my new girlfriend' (translated in error by google to 'my new boyfriend').    Can someone provide me with information on MPG, I did not dare to calculated this to American standards?    PS2: Sorry for my poor English.  :)  
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