Author Topic: DB KILLER or HP KILLER  (Read 4483 times)

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« Reply #25 on: June 16, 2018, 02:20:03 am »
I think my LeoVince Carbon Fiber came with one....... But I don't care where it is.
The pipe is about 6 years old and still not too loud.  (First 45kmiles on the '09 then 13k on the 2015)
Never Dyno'd but I plan to do it some day after I update my SISF Flash to the Classic.

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« Reply #26 on: June 16, 2018, 06:52:45 pm »
For all to read; I have taken a short ride with Daboo who posted below and he DOES NOT ride like an old man.  In fact he throws his bike around pretty well, IMO.  He is a good rider.  Anyway, there are no Old Men on Motorcycles, only Old Motorcycles...
I just got back from a round trip to LA from Seattle.  Two days down and two back. All relatively high speed-low drag, averaging 80-90MPH.  Got rained on, blown around and snowed on and still an overall a great ride. 

I have a Delkevic 18" carbon with the baffle removed.  When the baffle is inserted it was almost like the stock pipe regarding noise level.  I just keep it out all the time. When idling it is quiet enough.  Even under normal loads it is not overly loud according to other riders that happen to be behind me.  Only when I get on the throttle and take it over 6K RPM to say 10K does it scream, in a good way that is.
Does it make more HP in or out?  Who cares?  I am not using the machine to its full potential and what I do figure out how to use is plenty enough for me and my version of fun.


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« Reply #27 on: June 16, 2018, 08:38:56 pm »
The HP increase is where most riders don't venture under normal conditions.
There is, however, difference in daily-use powerband, but it isn't enough of difference to notice, but noticeable enough to be pulled over by PoPo for excessive noise pollution. And get stink-eye from people around you for being "loud pipes save lives." douche.   
I had a neighbor who has screaming eagle pipes on his bagger (not Harley). It was beyond obnoxious and illegal where I live. He had to change exhaust. Everyone around was glad he did.

I have to admit that although I get on the throttle a bit once in awhile...most of the time, I have a tendency to ride like the old man I am.  I keep the rpms down in the lower end of the rpm range.  Even if I'm not feeling like an "old man", I am boxed in often by cages that don't move all that fast.  So I often find myself riding in the lower rpm range again, instead of keeping the engine to the redline.

So I looked at the chart and decided to disregard the redline area and looked at what the benefit would be at the lower rpm range where I'd probably spend most of my time at.  I'm guessing at about 5500 rpms, there's maybe 5 hp difference between the baffled and non-baffled horsepower figures.  And less at about 3000 rpms.

I doubt I could feel a difference.

Now is the time you start throwing rocks at me...  ;)   :sorry: :lol_hitting:


Hey Chris I run a 14" Delkalvic with the db killer removed as someone who has ridden next to me I have to ask do you find my bike to be excessively noisy and obnoxious?

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« Reply #28 on: June 18, 2018, 08:31:06 pm »
Yes, removed from my Delkevic and I don't ride such that I notice a big difference. I'm an "old man on a jet"! Can't ride it like it's designed but sure is fun the way I do ride. I like getting on it, especially merging into traffic. Got to watch out for the po po here in GA.  I'm too old to get a ticket now :)

The sound to me is just a bit nicer without the DB in.

Ride safe!

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