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« on: July 24, 2008, 06:45:00 pm »
Anybody know anything about these things - sounds to me like they   fool   the ECU into thinking the air is cold and denser than it actually is   thereby   enriching the mixture. I wonder if the cold intake air illusion would   also   cause the flies to stay partially open, as on a cold start-up?  CHIP-KAWASAKI-NINJA-ZX-14-  EFI_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp3286Q2em14Q2el1318QQhashZit  em120285351553QQitemZ120285351553        OOPS! LINK DOES NOT WORK, HERE IS SOME TEXT:    Chips are not uniform and are sorted into several categories according   to some operating factors as resistance range of IAT sensor and volt   range of O2 sensor, etc..    FEATURES OF MAGNUM Dyno-BOOST PERFORMANCE CONTROL CHIP   MODULE:        * Improves engine output by up to 15 % per adjustment.      * Enhances Nm, throttle response, acceleration and torque in the full   RPM range.      * Performance level setting from 0 - 100 %.      * You can set the preferred higher air/fuel ratio than the   stoichiometric fuel mix.      * Unit can be switched, breaking +12 V feeding voltage. (switch not   included)      * INTEGRATED O2 - OXYGEN SENSOR SIGNAL CONTROL to avoid   undesired restriction of ECU (by models fitted with oxygen sensor only)      * Peak up acceleration and dynamism by up to 30 %.      * Results higher top end speed.      * Long duration - 10 years warranty.      * Easy universal 20 minutes installation.      * Immediate effect even during driving, no ECU learning period.      * Reduces flat spots or delay time when you mash down the throttle.      * It does not affect engine endurance.      * Bright red light design.     OPERATION OF Dyno-BOOST Dyno-BOOST will supply modified   signals to your bike's ECU. The ECU then adjusts air/fuel ratio and   secondarily timing advance curves to new performance settings, in   addition this MAGNUM upgrade does have an absolutely outstanding   O2 sensor control circuit integrated in the unit for those editions fitted   with oxygen sensor.  This control panel helps to prevent and stop undesired restriction of   the ECU.    Why should ECU regulate air/fuel ratio if we have tricked the signals   already by the IAT sensor?    The answer is simple, ECU is calculating the air/fuel ratio also per all   sensors' signal, and the last and most important respected control step   is the oxygen content in the exhaust gas. If O2 sensor informs the   ECU that emission is too high HP-gain will be limited.  Our evaluation does not let the Oxygen Sensor delivering fuel rich   signal accordingly ECU will not restrict the injection of more fuel.    There is no risk of any damage to the engine or electrical parts since   the modified sensor signal will always remain within the   manufacturer's recommended specifications. The unit works in   conjunction with your bike's ECU and will not affect engine reliability.   This worldwide unique Performance Chip Module can even quickly be   switched, removed or re-installed at any time.    Comparison    Dyno-BOOST is a strictly engineered unit, outperforms other mods.    Claims stated in this auction are warranted by  Magnum Tuning
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