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Footpeg Modification Warning
« on: January 21, 2010, 10:25:00 am »
I received an email from an owner who attempted to install an aftermarket footpeg lowering kit and found that following the installation the rear brake pedal could not be adjusted properly, and it sounds like a very similar situation we had reported on the 2010 Locked wheel thread on the other forum.      I don't know how many of you out there are using footpeg lowering kits, but this is something you all should probably check out, as it appears this issue could affect other owners with similar accessories installed.    A recent report of a locked up rear wheel on a bike that had a misadjusted rear brake lever due to an aftermarket footpeg of some sort was reported just this week. In light of this, I would urge caution when making any modifications to the bike that affect the controls of the motorcycle. The rear brake lever can be adjusted, but you need to stay within the proper range of it's adjustment (listed on page 12-14 of the service manual). The brake pedal needs free play in it so that the master cylinder can return fully. If it can't, this can cause pressure to build up in the rear brake system and overheat the brakes and even lock up the rear wheel.    Similar care needs to be exercised whenever you adjust other controls as well, or add modifications to the bike that affect them. The throttle, clutch, front brake lever, suspension, and steering, are all critical items and special care needs to be exercised when making any adjustments or alterations to them. Most of the time it's pretty easy to make adjustment with no ill effects, however, there are a few cases like this where there may be more to it than meets the eye at first glance. The best advice I can give you, is stick to the procedures in the OEM Kawasaki service manual, and whenever in doubt, ask.      
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Footpeg Modification Warning
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2010, 08:50:00 pm »
I installed Murphs lower pegs without ill result. Below are my steps took to get there. This may hep a few folks avoid problems.    Remove the four allen bolts holding the rear brake assembly to the bike.   No need to disconnect any hydraulics.   Remove the cotter pin holding the rear brake master cylinder rod.   Remove the rod.   Remove the U shaped adjusting arm.   Do not remove the two brake rod nuts   Take a grinder (I used a drill with a grinding wheel) and grind off 1/4" of the rod. This is about all of the half threads.   Run the two nuts back down to repair any goobered up threads from your grinding.   Reposition the brake rod to the middle setting.   Reinstall everything.   Adjust the brake light switch, which may require bending the spring.   Go for a ride!     UP