Author Topic: Front brake lever is not activating brake light, rear lever is working  (Read 192 times)

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I noticed today that my front brake lever is not activating the brake light.  The rear brake does properly activate it.  I did install a "BackOff" brake light flasher 2 years ago, but the rear brake activates this properly as well.   When I squeeze the front brake lever, I do hear a clicking sound from near the right side panel under the handle bars, so I am guessing that the switch itself is working. Is there a relay involved that would cause this?  I am going to look at the service manual, but wondering if anyone else has had this problem.

I should have just taken it apart first.  Looks like the switch is bad.  Messing with the switch I was able to trigger the light, but not by pressing the plunger, by squeezing the switch. 
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I had a backoff on my old C10 that did the same thing. Take the backoff off and see if your brake light works with the front lever. Mine did and I threw the back off away. I started running hyper lights back there with no issues.
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