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GTechPro G meter Testing with Guhl Reflash
« on: August 20, 2011, 03:24:11 pm »
I went out and did some roll on tests in 4th and 5th gear with the GTechPro to try and confirm the results of the Guhl reflash, versus the OEM Economy mode. I did several runs switching the bike in and out of Economy mode and here are the results. The tests were all done back to back on the same stretch of road in the exact same way.

The first test shows the difference in torque doing a short burst roll on in 5th gear starting at about 55mph up to 70mph. The black line is in the normal(Guhl) mode, and the red line is the Economy mode. The difference between the thicker and thinner lines is the representation of net power versus total power, which is calculated using correction factors for wind and roll resistances. I rolled off the throttle when I hit 70, and you'll notice the time at the bottom shows I rolled off almost a half second sooner in the normal(Guhl) mode.

This second graph shows the difference in speed in a 4th gear roll on starting at about 45mph (the G Meter doesn't kick off till about 52mph).  You can see that after the first three seconds or so, the slope is very close on both curves, but where there is a big difference is in the first few seconds, as the bike responds faster in the normal(Guhl) mode when you twist the throttle. The slope of the curve for the Guhl mode is also slightly better across the board, and the time difference increases with speed. This results in nearly a second lost in response when in the Economy mode, or a 5mph or faster speed at all times on the graph when in the normal(Guhl) mode.

This is about the best graphical representation I can give you to show you the improvement in the way the bike responds with the Guhl reflash. I'm still trying to produce dyno like charts that show HP and torque, but finding a flat enough road on a day that has no wind is proving to be a bit of a challenge. I actually think the roll-on tests are more conclusive anyway, and they are less punishing on the bike, since I don't have to run it to red line.
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