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Title: Losing coolant
Post by: LSGiant on June 03, 2018, 10:51:07 pm
So I am on my way to the National via Colorado.  Day before yesterday ambient temperature was 91 F and I got stuck in a road construction stop where you had to stop and wait for the chase car. I let the bike idle a bit and then just shot it off. The radiator fans were running but on the C14 when you shut the key off the fans stop. A few minutes later I see this stream of green rolling away from me.  I turn the key on and the fans start and the coolant stops coming out of the tube.  The temperature indicator on the bike still had one open bar and the red over temp did not come on.  So last night I had time. So I dug out my tools and removed almost all of the plastic so you can get to the reservoir and radiator cap just so you know they are on opposite sides.  The reservoir was at the low mark and when I removed the radiator cap it was full to the top. This is 400 plus miles since it spit out a little coolant.  So I added a half a cup of water to the reservoir and put all the plastic back on. Today I am stuck in Denver traffic and the temperature is about 80 degrees F.  This time I am crawling along stop and go and the same thing starts happening fans are on, and I did check both are running. Temp gauge is one bar from the top. I turned the hazards on and scooted to the next exit. Temp went down and all good for the rest of my way to Colorado Springs.

Info on the bike.  It is 2011, 84000 miles and the coolant was changed two years ago.

My plan for tomorrow after I get done with my consulting gig. I am going to find a car wash and give the radiator a washing. It really does not look that bad. I am going to remove the plastic again, fill the system back up, make sure the air is out and replace the radiator cap with an Auto parts store equivalent. This the same cap that is used on the Versys and a google search had a few hits where they had this issue.

Anything else you folks can think of while I have the plastic off ?
Title: Re: Losing coolant
Post by: Steve in Sunny Fla on June 04, 2018, 03:00:57 am
Drain the coolant and do the coolant cocktail. You'll be very surprised.

Title: Re: Losing coolant
Post by: LSGiant on June 04, 2018, 11:11:53 pm
Steve. Little tough to drain the coolant in the parking lot of the Hotel. 
Any ways I took the cap off and refilled the system. Ambient temp was 88 F. Ran the bike, fans came on and I continued to run bike no over flow to reservoir. I then just turned the bike off simulating the initial problem still all good. I put the plastic  back on and went to car wash and gave the radiator a wash all seems good. Triple digits in Texas so we should have a good test coming up.

If anyone is interested the cap is a Stant # 10233.
Title: Re: Losing coolant
Post by: khager01 on June 05, 2018, 01:44:00 am
Just so you know you don't have to remove the plastic to top off the overflow tank, you can remove the hose small hose that is below radiator cap and use a big syringe filled with antifreeze and push it through that hose into the overflow tank a lot easier than  removing plastic. I have had to top my new 2017 off once, I don't know if it leaked or maybe it was under filled from the factory. Don't have access to my bike right now but I remember there are two small hoses and I can't remember which one is the right one so do some more research on that.  One goes directly to the overfill tank and the other go somewhere else water pump thermostat I can't remember
Title: Re: Losing coolant
Post by: LSGiant on June 05, 2018, 03:03:48 am
Top hose goes to overflow lower hose goes to water pump outlet. Regarding your loss of coolant next time you have the plastic off check all the clamps. Way back when I got mine a number of the clamps were loose and one was weeping.

I just love taking the plastic off :)
Title: Re: Losing coolant
Post by: khager01 on June 06, 2018, 12:29:22 am
Will do, haven't had the plastic off yet, only about 13k miles so far. I plan on doing a lot of things once  the plastic comes off like a valve check and radiator flush and anything else I can think of, I don't like playing with plastic! >:(