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Title: Lost Fobs & The Insurance Company
Post by: Bud on October 19, 2018, 10:06:35 pm
So I've been reading about a rash of lost or damaged KIPASS fobs and the search for some sort of solution that didn't involve giving up your first born.  I suggested that maybe lock out coverage or something having to do with comprehensive coverage that might pay for this problem.  I talked to a friend that has worked for State Farm for 25 years and her response was you are SOL.  I called my local independent agent and asked what would happen.  He called Progressive and their response was that you are SOL.  I'll take that as what is gonna happen industry wide and call it a day.  So for anyone that has considered this, there is your answer.  There are lots of loopholes around........and I look for them every chance I get! ;D
Title: Re: Lost Fobs & The Insurance Company
Post by: MAN OF BLUES on October 19, 2018, 10:35:21 pm
I asked Geico this a few years ago.. they basically said if the bike was 'damaged due to attempted theft" (i.e. ignition switch, ecu) and I have full covereage, the damage is covered..considering my deductable...

but lost fobs only, SOL...
so, the only answer is, if the Ign sw was destroyed, it's a MAYBEthing...

I'm not saying destroy the switch tho... :-X :great:
Title: Re: Lost Fobs & The Insurance Company
Post by: smithr1 on October 20, 2018, 05:45:03 pm
The best thing I can suggest is to be sure you have the small $35 immobilizer fob as a backup and if you have to start using it because you lost the other... Tie it to your belt loop so you can't loose it too.  If you can't get a replacement for a decent price, $298 retail, just buy another small one and leave one tied to your pants.