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Title: no shop manual.... '08 C14 bodywork / removal for vinyl wrapping
Post by: Skidwrap on June 16, 2012, 09:22:12 am
Hi all
I'm a custom vinyl printer / installer in Montréal. I have an 08 to wrap this coming week and I have no idea if the bodywork falls under 'straightforward' or 'hell-ish pain in the butt' to remove and reinstall.

If my customer had a shop manual, I'd be all set but he doesn't. Any online guides, resources, PDFs or ANYthing out there?

Help me out and I'll post pics of her when she's done!

thanks to all!

André in Montréal
Title: Re: no shop manual.... '08 C14 bodywork / removal for vinyl wrapping
Post by: Cap'n Bob on June 16, 2012, 10:40:01 am
The 08 is really pretty easy to unwrap.
 -I find is easier to remove the windshield myself for full disassembly. But that's up to you. six screws hold it on (4 for the 2 black covers on the windshield, 2 under the covers for the actual shield).
 -Remove the glove box on the tank. (2 screws)
 - remove the black filler panels on the right and left side of the top side of the fairing. You need to remove to push pins under the windshield (that's why I remove it). They just push in on the center a slight bit, then the whole push pin pulls out (in case you didn't already know)  The rest of the screws are pretty straight forward. Although there is a tab over near the tank that has to be moved around slightly to remove the panel.. (that's why the glove box is removed)
 -Once the glove box and filler panels are removed. Then remove the fairing panels from the rear of the bike (near the tank/seat), going forward towards the front in that order. I suggest keeping the screws in order and separate. It makes it easier to go back in. Any screw with the white washers are to protect the painted surfaces.
 -The panels removals are pretty straight forward. You may have to look for some screws inside on a couple of pieces. But they are not hard to find. One note though. There is the side heat deflectors that must come off before the rear most fairing pieces themselves come off. They are held in by two screws going through the fairing, but are straight forward as well. 
 - Another note is when you install the rear section putting it back together. The louvered insert must be slid into clips inside the forward section before bolting it together. You can look right in and see them through the heat exhaust vent. (there are also a couple of screws in the vent hole as well , attaching the front section to the bottom section.

Yes I know this is kind of out of order. And some may be wrong or left out. But I haven't taken a 08 C14 apart in a couple of years. Hopefully this will help.
Title: Re: no shop manual.... '08 C14 bodywork / removal for vinyl wrapping
Post by: Skidwrap on June 16, 2012, 02:44:55 pm
wow.... thanks!

About keeping fasteners organized, I use a bunch of dollar store ice cube trays. There's right/left sides and I just keep filling up 'cubes' in the order I remove stuff from bikes, then just reverse order when reassembling. Good tip if you're always working on different bikes and you're like me with 'not the greatest' short term memory!